My choice: Drop sets to failure on machines

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Drop sets to failure on machines, with full range of motion (ROM), and a leg-push-pull split are a highly effective and efficient workout routine for building muscle and improving overall fitness. This combination of techniques can help you train both muscle strength and hypertrophy, target different types of muscle fibers and increase muscle hypertrophy and strength gains.

Drop sets to failure involve performing multiple sets of an exercise with decreasing weight until you reach failure or exhaustion. This method has been shown to be highly effective in promoting muscle growth and hypertrophy. By starting with a weight close to your one rep max, you are training muscle strength first, followed by muscle hypertrophy as you reduce the weight.

Performing drop sets to failure on machines has a number of advantages. Machines offer a greater degree of control and stability, allowing you to focus on the targeted muscle group without having to worry about balancing the weight. Additionally, machines can be easier on your joints and tendons, reducing the risk of injury.

One practical advantage of using machines for drop sets is that they require minimal time between sets. When performing drop sets, you need to quickly remove weights to continue with the next set. This is much easier to do with machines than with free weights, where it can be time-consuming to add and remove weights. With machines, you can simply adjust the weight stack, making it faster and more practical to perform drop sets.

Performing exercises with a full ROM can also help to promote muscle hypertrophy and strength gains. By performing exercises through a full ROM, you are effectively stimulating the entire muscle, leading to greater muscle activation and growth. Additionally, using a full ROM can help to improve muscle control and stability, reducing the risk of injury.

A leg-push-pull split involves training the lower body and upper body on separate days. This split can help to reduce muscle fatigue and improve recovery time, as you are not training the same muscle groups on consecutive days. Additionally, this split allows you to train different muscle groups on different days, providing greater variation in your workout routine.

When performing this workout routine, it is important to perform each set in a slow eccentric way. Eccentric training has been shown to be highly effective in promoting muscle growth and hypertrophy. By slowing down the lowering phase of each repetition, you are effectively increasing the time under tension and promoting greater muscle activation and growth.

This combination of training makes it very efficient, as you can perform a string of small sets rather than many sets with pauses between. This means you can manage with one exercise per muscle group rather than many, saving time and energy. Additionally, the use of drop sets to failure and a full ROM ensures that you are effectively stimulating muscle growth and strength gains, even with fewer exercises.

As someone who has been lifting weights for about 25 years, I have personally never found a method before this that can be trained 6 times a week without feeling that a lot of time is wasted and without being fatigued or devastated. With this approach, I have seen much better gains and I am able to train more frequently without risking injury or burnout.

Incorporating these techniques into your workout routine can help you achieve your fitness goals more efficiently and effectively, and with less time spent in the gym. Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

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