You are currently viewing YouTube channels I am obsessed about: #1 Dr. Sten Ekberg

YouTube channels I am obsessed about: #1 Dr. Sten Ekberg

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I have been interesting in exercise, diet, meditation, the brain and central nervous system, breathing, heart rate variability, intermittent fasting etc. for most of my life, but never got a hollistic view of how it all fits together. Every piece of the health puzzle fell into place though, when I came across Dr. Sten Ekbergs YouTube channel.

The eye opener was the realization that the whole modern society is promoting slow death due to the lifestyle we have and the foods that we are eating. This striking video is an example of why you should consider changing your lifestyle right now:

I have to be honest: The first time I got a video from Dr. Ekberg suggested while watching other intermittent fasting videos I though along the lines: You are trying to hard with click-baiting titles and images and your scary face. But you have to look past this and really start watching his videos.

Dr. Sten Ekberg seems to be an honest and good guy, sincerely trying to change the health of the whole world by spreading his message through his channel. His videos have a scientific and hollistic approach to health that is explained so throughly and well that you just have to like him. He has no commercials or other self promoting links and he obviously knows what he is talking about.

This whole combination is irresistible, in my opinion. After watching all of his videos (many times) and following most of his advice I have completely transformed my lifestyle (and hopefully my long term health). I have dropped about 13 kg, from what might be considered slim in modern society. Health issues like tartar in the mouth and chronic sinusitis has completely vanished. You can see from the comments in all his videos that he has completely transformed other peoples lives, too, calling him a life saver.

I don’t think Sten Ekberg will read this post, but I see this as a great opportunity to say “Thank you so much Sven; For caring and spreading your message to the world through your YouTube channel!”

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  1. David A Shingledecker

    Agree wholeheartedly. Dr Ekberg’s advice has transformed my life. Unfortunately after 65 years of abusing my body inside and out I have made the corrections required to turn the ship around, slow but sure. Avoiding carbs and frequent fasting has my weight way down and reversed knee and ankle pain. Just the energy I now feel compared to before is enough to crow about!!!

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