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Delicious hemp bread

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I was really dissapointed after trying to make cloud bread, also known as oopsie bread as part of going keto. It was like eating a bad tasting omelet and I was not able to freeze it for storage. I thought this was it – I would never be able to make a good tasting bread ever again.

Then I stumbled upon the bread receipes made by a Norwegian couple on the blog “Fett & Forstand” (Fat and Sense). I thought I would give it a go and try making their best tasting low carb bread. The bread came to life by chance after the couple thought that hemp porridge tasted similar to oats porridge, a staple in many norwegians diet. They tried mixing the hemp porridge into a mix of chia, flax seed and almond flour and their bread was born.

As you understand the bread is made in two steps; The first step is making the hemp porridge by boiling hulled hemp seeds in cream and water, reducing the liquids. This is a slow process and it took me more than the 1,5 hours described in the recipe.

The second step is making the dough by mixing eggs, flour made from flax and chia and apple cider vinegar. This is later mixed with the hemp porridge and a mixture of grated cheese, almond flour and baking soda. I got some larger chunks of cheese in the dough, but that was just fine. Finally the bread is baked in middle of the oven for 80 minutes at 180ºC (360 Fahrenheit).

The bread tastes very good – It has a nice nutty flavour but is quite different in consistency to all types of bread I have tried before. The bread is somewhat similar in taste to Danish rye bread, but still very different. I would highly recommend making the bread after tasting the first warm pieces with some salami on top.

The recipe can be found in the links by autotranslating the pages from Norwegian to English:

  1. Hemp porridge
  2. Bread dough

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